Grill Maintenance Tips

After fixing client's grills for so many years, we created a helpful list of grill maintenance tips:

  • Read your Owner's Manual before using your grill.
  • Never place aluminum foil on the grates; this will restrict airflow and damage the grill.
  • Brush olive oil on the grates before placing food on them to help keep food from sticking.
  • Clean the drip pan or grease tray often to prevent grease fires or flare-ups.
  • Burn off any fat left on the grates by running the grill on high for about 10 minutes.
  • Insure that your grill is level; grease can run into one corner and overflow.
  • Tie your grill down during windy conditions if it is on wheels.
  • Cover your grill when not in use, but not if it is still hot.
  • Clean the electrodes on the igniters about once a month.
  • If your grill has been dormant for the winter, make sure to clean out the Ventura tubes (the first part of the burners).
  • Use a pipe brush for cleaning and always make sure that the gas is off beforehand.
  • Check often for Spider Webs in the burners if you live in a wooded area.
  • Never store Propane Tanks indoors, in your garage, or in an enclosed porch.
  • If switching to a larger LP tank, have a Professional Gas Technician do the setup.
  • Make sure all the knobs are turned off before removing and replacing an LP tank.
  • Natural Gas Grills should have a cutoff valve on the outside of the house.