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Ed's Product Finds: Grill Bot @grillbots

Hey Guys,

My product find today is the Grillbot ($119 to $139)

Cleaning Grilling grates is very critical for your personal health and the long term maintenance  of your grill. But as we all know, things get so busy in life that we often forget to do it right up until we need to use our grills. What's even worst is on the day of the party, you forget to clean it, forcing your guests to eat late by an hour.

Well now I discovered this cool new grill cleaning robot called the Grillbot. The Grillbot looks and acts like a small Roomba vacuum  that drives around on your grill brushing clean your grill grate. It's perfect for saving you time as you let it run while doing food prep during your parties and diners. Watch the video below to see how it works!