Holiday Weekend Problem

 This weekend we have been getting emergency calls from consumers who cannot get their LP Gas grill to light. The most common reasons are they lighting the grill for the first time this season or just they swapped out the gas tank for the first time. In most cases the regular safety cutoff has been tripped in the process of doing both said things. You can try a very simple fix. We find it works about 85% of the time. Make sure all the knobs on the grill are turned to off and you closed the LP gas tank completely. Unscrew the hose with the regulator from the tank. Tap it in your hand a couple of times, re-attach the regulator and open tank. Wait one minute and try lighting. This should be a simple fix that often clears up this issue. I wish you and all your family and friends a safe and fun Memorial Day Weekend. -Ed 

An Important Reminder on Securing Your Grill

 If your grill has wheels, make sure you lock them to prevent the grill from traveling, especially during  fast approaching storm conditions. On average, we see 3 to 4 grills each week that suffer from “Flashback” due to falling over in storms. Flashback occurs when the valves separate from the burners or the manifold line causing the gas to flow into the control panel. It then becomes a serious hidden danger when you light the grill to cook and the next think you know you have very hot knobs or even  worse; flames  shooting out from under the control panel.

This will cause the knobs to melt, melt electronics and/or warping the control panel assembly. Manufacturer’s highly recommend having a certified grill technician to examine the grill to insure it is safe to use following a serve storm. If you believe that your grill might be subject to an issue after a storm, please call us for assistance. Grill safety is very important to us at Casual Grill & Furniture services.