GRill Repair Service 

We are the largest grill repair company in the country

  • Because of our dedication to excellent service. Our technicians have the experience and training necessary to perform service on your grill to your satisfaction.

CFGS only performs the necessary repairs to improve the performance and safety of your grill.

  • CFGS in an independent service company that does not sell grills. Our only business is to repair and maintaining your gas grill. We know all the ANSI safety codes for gas grills.
  • With the rapid changes in gas grill technology, manufacturers are discontinuing models every year. Our staff knows which grill is worth repairing or if parts are available.
  • Many grill service companies will offer an inexpensive service call without telling you they cannot repair the grill, but because we have serviced 10’s of thousands of gas grills we can service any grill made, period.

Below are our most common services performed:

Diagnostics: Recommended if you're experiencing a problem with the grill; ensures all components are working correctly and determines if parts are needed.

Parts installation: We can obtain and install the parts, or install parts you provide.

Preventive Maintenance: Our most popular service includes a full diagnostic, health and safety cleaning of the firebox and interior components, and tune-up. This greatly extends the life of the grill.

Safety Checks: Inspection for leaks, clogs and damages. Recommended for grills that have been inactive for an extended period, or have moved or fallen over.

Ask about seasonal Preventive Maintenance Specials!

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