Replacement Slings FAQ

Slings are a single layer of stretched fabric attached to your outdoor chairs, chaises, ottomans or loveseats by a track.

How much does sling replacement cost?

Pricing varies and is determined by many factors including the type of furniture you have and the amount of pieces you are re-slinging. If you purchased your furniture at a "big box" store such as Home Depot, Lowe's or JC Penny, it is usually not cost effective to have them re-slung.

What types of fabric are available?

We offer over 100 different fabric samples to choose from. All of our fabric is grade C and is American made.

How do I select my fabric?

When our technicians come to your house to measure your furniture, they will bring with them over 100 different fabric swatches to choose from. You can see a sampling of our fabrics here.

I want my new slings to match my other furniture. Can you match the fabric?

We will try our best to find a fabric that matches or compliments your current fabric. We cannot guarantee an exact match. Exposure to the elements and wear over time will discolor fabric, making it difficult to match old fabric to new fabric. Some fabrics are also exclusive to the manufacturer who made the furniture and are not available.

What if I don't like any of the fabric choices after they come out and measure?

We offer over 100 different fabrics and will try our hardest to find something that fits what you are looking for. In over 18 years in business, we have never had a customer who did not like our fabrics.

How do I get my furniture to you?

You don't have to! We do all work on site, in the convenience of your own home.

I also want the finish on my furniture touched up. Do you do this?

Yes! We offer touch-ups on many different types of furniture finishes. Please fill out a quote request or e-mail pictures of the affected areas to and we will get back to you on the pricing.

How do I go about getting my furniture re-slung?

First, fill out a quote request here and a representative from our office will contact you with a quote. They will ask you a few questions about the furniture, including the type and number of pieces. If you would like to proceed, we will put in a service request and scheduling will contact you with in two business days to set up a time for us to come out and measure your furniture. At the time of measurement, you select your fabric and we also ask for a deposit at this time. We then order your fabric which can take between 2 to 6 weeks to come in, depending on the season. Once the fabric is in our office we make your slings and call you to set up a time for installation.

I only need one chair re-slung. Will you come and re-sling it?

We require a minimum of two chairs per order. There is no minimum to re-sling chaises.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes! We offer a 2 year warranty on the fabric, and a limited lifetime warranty on the seams.

I bought my furniture as a set and it came with an umbrella that matches. Can you get an umbrella canopy that matches?

We can offer matching umbrella canopies, but it is usually not cost effective for the customer. As an alternative we can recommend fabric colors that will complement or closely match your current umbrella fabric. If you would rather purchase a new umbrella, you can find many high quality table umbrellas through the following retailers we work with: Fortunoff, Harrow's, Namco, and Offenbacher's.

I work long hours and am only home on the weekends. Do you offer Saturday and early morning/late afternoon appointments?

Yes! Our technicians work from Tuesday to Saturday during Spring and Summer and Tuesday through Friday and every other Saturday during Fall and Winter. Our earliest time frame begins at 7:00am and our latest time frame is 4:00pm. We also offer appointments as early as 6:00am and can call you a half hour before we arrive at your home so you can meet us there. We will try our hardest to accommodate your scheduling needs.

Do I have to be home for the appointment?

We do request that you be home for the first appointment so you can select your fabric. If you absolutely cannot be home, please contact us and we will work with you to find a solution. You do not need to be home for the installation as long as your furniture is accessible and you arrange for payment.

I have my sling fabric already. Will you install it for me?

Yes! Please request a quote here and a representative from our office will contact you with pricing.

I want to install the slings myself. Can I just order the fabric through you?

We do not supply sling fabric and do not recumbent installing slings on your own. Our technicians are experienced, trained to handle the issues that commonly arise while re-slinging and re-assembling the furniture, and have the appropriate tools to get the job done efficiently.

I have Samsonite furniture. Do you replace those slings?

We only replace Samsonite furniture if it was purchased BEFORE 2000 and has a steel frame. Any Samsonite furniture purchased after 2000 was manufactured by another company and licensed under the Samsonite name and we cannot get replacement slings. We CAN NOT replace any Samsonite furniture that has an aluminum frame. If you are unsure which type of Samsonite furniture you have, please email us a picture of it.

How can I clean my slings?

Our slings are made to withstand the elements, but regular maintenance can keep them looking new longer. To clean, use a mild dishwashing detergent. Hose down with a garden hose on low pressure. When scrubbing, don't use abrasive materials that will damage the finish or fabric; we recommend using a nylon rag.

Do you offer refunds?

Because all materials are custom-made to fit your furniture, we cannot offer any refunds on slings or straps.