Casual Furniture & Grill Services offers on-site evaluation and repair services on gas grills, umbrellas, and patio furniture. We are dedicated to bringing you quality service.

Founded in 1994, our family-owned company has become the largest on-site repair service for outdoor furniture and grills in the US. We have serviced over 100,000 customers from Boston to Virginia, developing a large number of loyal customers. We are widely known for our excellent work and knowledgeable staff, and have developed one of the best reputations in the outdoor furniture servicing industry. We work closely with major grill manufactures and retailers such as Lynx Grills, Kalamazoo Grills, Sun Garden Umbrellas, and Fortunoff Stores.

"Your office staff was polite and prompt. The technicians followed my directions to a T and did a fabulous job."
- Mr. Riedl from NJ

Our team is innovative: we stay ahead of emerging technologies related to furniture repairs and gas grill features. Many of the techniques we use in our work were developed by us and are proprietary.

Our technicians are highly trained to thoroughly take care of damages. They can clearly communicate all issues and procedures. They follow strict guidelines to ensure quality, including full inspections and safety checks. All work is closely monitored and reviewed by supervisory staff to ensure that every problem is resolved to the customer's complete satisfaction.

Our technicians are supported by a superb customer service and technical support staff. They are available to answer technical questions for customers as well as retail staff members, schedule services, and monitor results. Casual Furniture & Grill Services adheres to the "Customer First" philosophy which has allowed us to grow over the last 18 years.

"I have worked with Casual Furniture Services for over 14 years and they have never let me down, great work guys!"
- Owner of Harrow's in NY & NJ