Umbrella FAQs


*To minimize potential damage to your umbrella and the surrounding furniture and structures, keep your umbrella closed during storms and when not in use.

The cord in my umbrella broke. Can you fix it?

Yes! We can re-cord many types of umbrellas. Our cord is a proprietary cord that we designed, and made exclusively for our company. We offer a limited lifetime warranty on all of our re-cords. Please fill out an online quote request here and a representative from our office will contact you about re-cording your umbrella. We will need to know that type of umbrella and what type of tilt mechanism it has.

How much does a re-cord cost?

The cost depends on the type of umbrella you have, and the type of tilt mechanism you have. Please fill our an online quote request here and a representative from our office will contact you with pricing. If you purchased your umbrella from Home Depot, Sears or Wal-Mart, it is usually not cost effective to have it re-corded.

Can you re-cord my table umbrella?

Yes, but we cannot guarantee the umbrella will tilt afterwards. You can request this service here. Please specify how your umbrella tilts or e-mail clear photos to

Do you warranty your cord?

Yes! We offer a limited lifetime warranty on all of our re-cords. Contact us for more information.


How do I know what type of umbrella I have?


Table umbrella – manual tilt: Sits in the middle of your table and tilts when you push a button located halfway up the pole.


Table umbrella – auto tilt: Sits in the middle of your table and tilts when you continue cranking the handle or turn the collar after the umbrella is open. Due to the nature of some imported auto-tilt mechanisms we cannot guarantee that after re-cording the tilt will still work.


Sun Garden Cantilever umbrella: Free-standing umbrella that bends to hang over the table. Has a round base. We are partnered with Sun Garden.


Treasure Garden Cantilever umbrella: Free-standing umbrella that contains two cords - one to open the canopy and one to lift the umbrella arm. You can view the various types of Treasure Garden umbrellas here.

If you are unsure which umbrella you may have please send us a digital picture to the following email Please include your name and contact information with your email.


Can you repair and provide replacement parts for my Sun Garden umbrella?

Yes! We are partnered with Sun Garden to provide you with quality parts and service. We are the only authorized Sun Garden repair company in the Northeast.

My Sun Garden canopy is ripped or faded. Can I purcase a new one?

Sun Garden has replacement canopies so you can continue to use your umbrella in comfort for many more years! We offer installation service with each canopy that we sell. Canopies are awning-grade, made in Spain, and fade-resistant. They come with a three-year warranty. You can review available colors , and request service here. Please indicate the shape of your umbrella canopy.


Do you supply parts for umbrellas?

We can ONLY get parts for the following umbrellas: Treasure Garden, Sun Garden, Wanda, Tucci, F.I.M., California Umbrella, Galtech, Basta Sole (Tropitone). If you are unsure which umbrella you have, please e-mail photos to Please include your name and phone number.

My canopy is ripped or faded but I don't have a Sun Garden umbrella. Can I purchase a new one?

We can only get canopies for Sun Garden umbrellas. Try Garden Winds.

My umbrella is visibly broken but I don't know what part I need. How do I get parts for it?

Please send digital photographs of the umbrella to Please include your last name in the subject line and a phone number to contact you. When taking photos please take a photo of the entire umbrella as well as close ups of the parts broken. Our expert service technicians will review the photos and call you back with a description and quote for the parts you need.

I have no way of sending photos. Can you come look at my umbrella?

Yes! Please fill out an online quote request and someone will call you with a service quote.

My umbrella is not working properly, but I cannot see anything broken. Can you fix it?

Please provide a detailed description of the issue when filling out your service request here. Please note the type and tilt of the umbrella. Our expert technicians will review your description and contact you on whether we can fix your umbrella. Please keep in mind that we can only get parts for a very select number of manufacturers. If we attempt to service your umbrella and cannot complete the job because parts are needed and we cannot get parts for your umbrella, a $65 inspection fee will be charged.


I work long hours and am only home on the weekends. Do you offer Saturday and early morning/late afternoon appointments?

Yes! Our technicians work from Tuesday to Saturday during Spring and Summer and Tuesday through Friday and every other Saturday during Fall and Winter. Our earliest time frame begins at 7:00am and our latest time frame is 4:00pm. We also offer appointments as early as 6:00am and can call you a half hour before we arrive at your home so you can meet us there. We will try our hardest to accommodate your scheduling needs.

Do I have to be home for the appointment?

You do not need to be home for the installation as long as your umbrella is accessible and you arrange for payment.

Do you offer refunds?

Deposits made on any parts orders are 100% non-refundable.